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How To Select

Is your installation indoors or outdoors? Is it a permanent or temporary display? What is the distance to your target audience? Does your content require medium or high resolution?
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How To Order

First, let's discuss your project. We can advise on which products will meet the demands of your display and quote a delivered cost. Within several weeks, your GTEK display will be delivered and operating.
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How To Install

Each GTEK model has its own installation parameters, but they share a common ability to scale up or down to match your needs. A GTEK engineer will be happy to lend a hand on the ground.
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Unforgettable Visual Treat of 2017 Ironman World Championship in China

09, 2017

The 2017 World Triathlon and Ironman World Championship, known as one of the world’s top ten sports events in terms of its glamour and commercial value, started in August in Qujing Economic and Technological Development Zone. A thousand of athletes from 43 countries and regions were engaged in tough tasks of swimming, cycling, running with long-route challenge. Millions of people worldwide went to Qujing to watch the live event, cheering with bottles of beer, enjoying the local delicacies and attractive Yunnan natural scenery.


The excellent sport facilities in Qujing and plenty of staff strongly served the world-influential event. To entertain the large scale of audience visually is also challenging. Thoughtfully, the Chinese host planned to have more giant LED video walls in the public to broadcast the amazing event to more audience at their convenience in the Zone. They indicated the need of long-term outdoor use and patented reliable LED displays. Not like any other, Gtek has not only met the needs of outdoor environment in use of the creative and patented LED curtain featuring Lightweight aluminum profile structure with nice cooling design(fan-less), but also has ensured IP67 protection level of Bri-Curtain Air for the continuous broadcasting of the live event in case of any rough weather. Additionally, environmental issue has been much of the host’s concern. While Bri-Curtain Air which Gtek offered, can save 60% energy compared with traditional cabinet-based LED display, and reduce the operation cost with low carbon footprint in the long run. Audience and athletes would really enjoy the most unforgettable world event in Qujing which is hold with great success in all aspects.





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