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Is your installation indoors or outdoors? Is it a permanent or temporary display? What is the distance to your target audience? Does your content require medium or high resolution?
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First, let's discuss your project. We can advise on which products will meet the demands of your display and quote a delivered cost. Within several weeks, your GTEK display will be delivered and operating.
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Each GTEK model has its own installation parameters, but they share a common ability to scale up or down to match your needs. A GTEK engineer will be happy to lend a hand on the ground.
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Pilgrimage to the LED Screen Mecca

11, 2017

No matter how many large, beautiful and attractive LED screens you see at various famous world destination points, this will still be a pale imitation of what you will encounter during a walk down the Las Vegas Boulevard (Strip). There will be a multitude of screens of all types and shapes, made by different manufacturers but always of good quality, eye-catching and bright in spite of the blinding Nevada sun.

Las Vegas Boulevard (Strip)

Already in 2006 Las Vegas boasted quite a few screens which were a relative rarity and extremely expensive. Ten years since much has changed. Lamp screens may be found only as historical exhibits or monuments to the long-lost era. Neon has lost in the competition with LED signs, decorations and multicolored letters. Today the public is weary of advertising and will react only to something really attractive, unusual and luring. That is why the number of screens in Las Vegas is so high and continues to grow. The impression is enhanced by the ever-present LED signage of small format but bright and multicolored. The city is washed in LED light day and night.

Las Vegas Wynn Hotel LED screen

Some old screens continue working at several well-known sites in Las Vegas. For example, you can still see the concave screens between sumptuous Wynn and Encore hotels with a moving sign perfectly synchronized with the big image. Or the screens of the beautiful fairy-tale palace at the Excalibur casino.

Las Vegas Excalibur LED screens

But many new Projects have been completed, too. Many of the casinos upgraded their old screens. This is only reasonable since the price of screens is no longer prohibitive. Small tidy cars with mobile screens are driving around Las Vegas streets promoting various concerts and shows. The size of those mobile screens is usually standard: 2.56 x 1.92 m and pixel pitch of 10 mm and less. But they are driving slowly along the crowded streets and nobody can miss noticing them.

Las Vegas truck with LED screens

The famous Fremont Street with the LED roof reminding people of a giant movie theater or the planetarium screen was completely renovated.


Fremont Street Experience 

The well-known LED screen manufacturer Daktronics created a superb Project at the Fashion Show Plaza. This is a collection of innovative LED screens with the total area of over 900 sq. meters and impressive LED screens on SLS casino.

 Las Vegas SLS LED screen

Several years ago Las Vegas casinos were traditionally building high advertising pillars topped with an LED screen. Today the approach has changed. The LED screens are embedded into the architectural complexes thus enhancing an impression of a modern elegant and effluent city.


Las Vegas Aria Pylon LED screen

Whatever the case, a repeat trip to Las Vegas 10 years later was very fruitful.