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Is your installation indoors or outdoors? Is it a permanent or temporary display? What is the distance to your target audience? Does your content require medium or high resolution?
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First, let's discuss your project. We can advise on which products will meet the demands of your display and quote a delivered cost. Within several weeks, your GTEK display will be delivered and operating.
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Each GTEK model has its own installation parameters, but they share a common ability to scale up or down to match your needs. A GTEK engineer will be happy to lend a hand on the ground.
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Gtek InnoPix Supports Mercedes in the 67th IAA International Motor Show

11, 2017

With centuries of history as a world car exhibition, the 67th IAA International Motor Show took place in Messe Frankfurt as usual in September, 2017 during the period of two weeks. In the world auto industry map, Western Europe is undoubtedly the diamond of the crown. And in the hinterland of Western Europe, Frankfurt, Germany, holds the world's most high-end motor show. As glamorous as ever, varieties of carmakers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi were prepared to show their concept cars and embraced the idea of battery-powered future this year.



Mercedes can be one of the busiest, unveiling its plan for the new X-Class, AMG’s Project One, concept EQ sub-brand which promote the electric cars consumption and other types of cars. This time Mercedes still took seriously of its delicate pavilion design. Out of the pavilion, Mercedes first made it tempting at your sight of an art of the LED wall (supported by Gtek) combined with Virtual Reality and showed the new X-Class in the open, getting more and more people involved and interested. Smooth curving lines of the show screen enable the new product debuts seemed more enjoyable and attractive specially in the sun with the nice display effect.




Step into the Mercedes pavilion at Messe Frankfurt, you can see Mercedes outstood among the various car brands for its unique and shiny design of its 3-floor pavilion, pleasant and exciting music shows and excellent presentation of new ideas and cars. Anyway, It would be anyone's dream of the AMG’s Project One (limited edition) as the showstopper now, and car EQA in the future, wouldn't? It would also be your very best choice to present your event with Gtek LED wall, wouldn't ?



Video for the live show:





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