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How To Select

Is your installation indoors or outdoors? Is it a permanent or temporary display? What is the distance to your target audience? Does your content require medium or high resolution?
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How To Order

First, let's discuss your project. We can advise on which products will meet the demands of your display and quote a delivered cost. Within several weeks, your GTEK display will be delivered and operating.
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How To Install

Each GTEK model has its own installation parameters, but they share a common ability to scale up or down to match your needs. A GTEK engineer will be happy to lend a hand on the ground.
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      Gtek provide customers with perfect tailor-made led display solution. Depend on professional technology and modern led display production lines, there are unique high-quality led display products. Tailor-made service can fully meet customer requirements, and achieve their expectations.


      Aiming at customers' individual requirements, Gtek is dedicated to providing professional tailor-made service. In order to satisfy customers' individual needs, Gtek’ll redesign its products from various aspects, including product model, structural component, and so on.

Tailor-made LED Display Solution
Tailor-made LED Display Solution

Company Superiority

      Gtek has industry-leading technology center under technology department, development department, trial production workshop and laboratory, which provides the munificent technical force and the abundant economic basis for researching the latest technology. Besides, Gtek has a domestic top manufacturing base covered nearly thousand square meters in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Therefore, advanced technology and scientific management mode can make tailor-made product in production promptly and shorten the construction period.

Highest and Largest LED Signage in Paris

    Gtek’s Y series LED Minidule products, adopted in this project, was a tailor-made design for the customer. According to customer requirements, Gtek created the logo of SOouest by using LED light strips of different lengths. The whole screen area is 114 sqm, making it the highest and largest LED signage in Paris.


Project Highlights

(1) By using Gtek LED controller, this LED Minidule screen can be controlled remotely. Its brightness can reach as high as 6000-8000 nits by means of advanced electronic circuit design. Even under of circumstance of direct sunshine, this screen can still display clearly.

(2) The IP grade reaches up to IP65. The screen at high altitude is applicable to any types of severe weather.

(3) By using LED light strips of different lengths, compared with traditional LED cabinets, the Minidule screen saves 60% in power consumption and 65% in weight.

(4) This project won the award of TOP 10 LED Display Applications in 2013.

Tailor-made LED Display Solution
Tailor-made LED Display Solution

The largest transparent outdoor led display in Moscow

The 900㎡ transparent outdoor display in Moscow adopts GTEK’s bright curtain-H series, which is the very model with high technology and typical features. In early communication, client demanded that the width of transparent part must be twice than strip. So Gtek reopened the mould and produced the final tailor-made product in a short time. The lighted led display has become a beautiful landscape in Russia. 


Project highlights

(1) H series is transparent, light and energy saving. The energy-saving rate can reach up to 60% or more, compared with the conventional cabinet-based LED display, saving your operating costs.

(2) Its weight is 65% lighter than conventional cabinet-based LED display, greatly reducing both the load-bearing requirements of the steelwork as well as the cost of auxiliary steelwork.

(3) H series bri-curtain can operates well in cold weather even under -20℃. The high transparency and IP66 protection level make it the most appropriate product for outdoor use in windy and rainy weather.

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