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Is your installation indoors or outdoors? Is it a permanent or temporary display? What is the distance to your target audience? Does your content require medium or high resolution?
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How To Order

First, let's discuss your project. We can advise on which products will meet the demands of your display and quote a delivered cost. Within several weeks, your GTEK display will be delivered and operating.
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Each GTEK model has its own installation parameters, but they share a common ability to scale up or down to match your needs. A GTEK engineer will be happy to lend a hand on the ground.
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LED creative display can show unique culture, make an urban landmark and win unlimited business opportunities. Besides, it also play an important role in prompting city image, shaping visual culture and strengthening overall competitiveness.


“LED Creative Display” is a beautiful display of art works, relying on the building or landscape, created with LED point, line, surface emitting display cell for strokes, original ideas and culture for origin, showing self-confidence, hopes and dreams as purport to highlight harmonious visual culture full of unique personality.


The Birth Process of Creative Display Project

Original Ideas Refining

By depth exchanges with customers, we excavate the connotation of their thoughts so that they can appreciate the original idea of the birth of the project. Meanwhile, it will be fully complied of the ideal, value and ultimate goal that customers pursue.

Creative Design

Relying on professional design team, we provide a variety of solutions with ingenuity in the form and technique of expression and put culture and dreams into one.

Solution Design

With a lot of experts in machinery, electronics, automation, construction and scientists in partner institutions, Gtek focus on all kinds of solutions and have overcome many difficulties and completed creative projects one after another. The country's top LED production workshop also provide strong backing for high quality products for the project.

Project Implementation Stage

Professional project construction team, which has created the landmark cases with one by one.put "fear wind and rain, together with your peers as the service concept.


Project Value

Highlight Personality Culture


Every LED creative display project, will be formed their own customized programs, with the method of exaggeration and metaphor, Colorful video effect, transferred abstract ideology and culture to image-narration, showed as a visual effect through the way of new media technology for visual display, fully reflect the personality and cultural characteristics.


Achieve the City Landmark

On the basis of architecture and landscape, combination with the basic elements and symbols of architecture, seeking the best visual language, from the perspective of art and aesthetics, perfectly blending the LED display elements and building perfect fusion and further beautifying the ascension, realizing the value of sublimation, achieving the city landmark.

Gathering the vast sentiment

Combined creative and magnificent led display project and cooperate with unique construction, which is bound to attract more eyeballs, made a vast populations gathering here from other places, and bring unlimited business opportunities.


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