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LED Flying Ribbon in Zhengzhou HuiYi Times Square

Zhengzhou HuiYi Times Square, Zhengzhou, China



  • Name: LED Flying Ribbon in Zhengzhou HuiYi Times Square

  • Location: Zhengzhou,China

  • Model: H Series, H16TC

  • Area: 1309 m²

  • Time: Dec, 2015

Located in Zhengzhou HuiYi Times Square, this led ceiling curtain covered 1309 m2 is used Bri-curtain Air H16TC (Gtek's creative outdoor fixed product). The flexibility of Bri-curtain was showed thoroughly in such a difficult project. When it lights up, the fantastic display effect based on multi-surfaces make visitors feel like in a dreamlike state. Now, the 'Led Flying Ribbon' has become Zhengzhou's new city landmark.



Project Highlights


Creative Idea & Unique Design  

The design inspiration, in this creative led project, came from goddess' lost flying ribbon from heaven. The appearance of flying ribbon not only offers a sense of ethereal romance, but also combines with the whole HuiYi Time Square. At the shopping mall's entrance, there are two disc-shaped interactive led displays. Through interaction, the visitors are able to actually experience recreational shopping.  

Exclusive Customized & Unusual Modeling  

Taking flying ribbon as the prototype, there was nowhere in flat over the entire surface of led ceiling curtain. In fact, it is high-difficulty in technology support to realize a completely irregular presentation. However, after meticulously researching, Gtek offered a solution that assembling multi-surfaces led display units. Backed with featured product Bri-curtain Air H16TC, this creative led project successfully reveals romantic scene, which goddess'lost ribbon falling lightly on the square. 

City Landmark & Commercial Center

As a new city landmark in Zhengzhou, the Led Flying Ribbon, will upgrade commercial value, and accelerate the achievement of a world-class urban commercial complex in HuiYi Times Square.



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