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The Largest Indoor Domed LED Ceiling Curtain in China

Dalian Central Avenue Shopping Mall, Dalian, China



  • Name: The Largest Indoor Domed LED Ceiling Curtain in China

  • Location: Dalian,China

  • Model: H Series, H10TC

  • Area: 1138 m²

  • Time: Apr, 2016

Project Background

Dalian Central Avenue Shopping Mall for Cultural Tourism covers more than 400,000 square meters. As the first shopping mall for cultural tourism, Dalian Central Avenue Shopping Mall is a set of tourism, culture, entertainment, catering, leisure and shopping one-stop newest fashion shopping center. With Cruises and Docks for creative idea, its interior design used Ocean as primary design element. Hence, Gtek meticulously designed impressive LED Soaring Bird for the shopping mall.


Project Details

This project used the most creative product --- Bri-Curtain H10TC. In order to match the originality of design and architectural image, Gtek designed and tailored the creative 1138㎡ LED soaring bird for Dalian Central Avenue shopping Mall. Graceful shape, stunning visual effect and 'Cruises and Docks' creative idea are blending in perfectly. The main body of LED Soaring Bird is directly above the shopping mall, and two spread-open wings on both sides. As a general view, the whole shopping mall is surrounded by the LED ceiling curtain. When it's lit, the visual impact would be massive.



Exclusive Customized Project

In this project, to match the primary design element of Ocean, the ceiling curtain is designed to a giant seagull spreading its wings and soar. Due to the unique design, the selection of product is very strict. After careful studied and well designed, Gtek adopted the most suitable product Bri-Curtain H10TC. Bri-Curtaib H series is famous for lightweight, high-transparent and energy-saving. In addition, without any auxiliary cooling equipment, the operating costs will be greatly reduced and indoor natural lighting won't be affected.



Project Influence

LED Soaring Bird fully represents the international image of Dalian Central Avenue Shopping Mall for Cultural Tourism, attracts status-conscious customers and investors, and promotes commercial development. The modern building and unique LED ceiling curtain complement each other perfectly, and give Dalian city a new image. With a service concept of  'exclusive customized', Gtek help customers to show enterprise culture and realize their dreams!




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