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Bri-curtain Decorates the Hengdian Sky Street

Hengdian Sky Street, Gushi, China



  • Name: Bri-curtain Decorates the Hengdian Sky Street

  • Location: Gushi, China

  • Model: H Series, H16TC+H80TC

  • Area: 1048 m²

  • Time: Oct, 2017

The Hengdian Sky Street is now equipped with the creative giant and colorful ceilling curtain supported by Gtek in Gushi,showing the brand-new city image.

Project highlights

  1.  We used the patented LED curtain featuring superb 23kg/m2 lightweight and 21 % transparent structure minimizing the negative burden on the construction and promising the residents natural lighting and viewing.
  2.  High IP66 protection level to face rough weather in terms of the long-term use of the LED curtain outside.
  3.  60% energy saving compared with traditional cabinet-based LED display relieved the client's environmental worries.
  4.  Cater to the local conditions, this ceiling curtain is creatively customizedapplying ingenious structure design.

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