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The full color led display in Huafa Logo Pillar

Huafa New Town, Zhuhai, China


  • Name:The full color led display in Huafa Logo Pillar

  • Location: Zhuhai, China

  • Model:P Series, P16DC

  • Area:766 m²

  • Time:Nov, 2014


Project Background

Zhuhai Huafa group made full efforts to build huafa New Town, which successfully becomes the city landmark. GTEK followed Huafa’s concept and company culture, and constructed a unique logo pillar led display project. This project turned into a special mark in Zhuhai city structure.

The logo pillar shapes like a robot piled by several cubes. GTEK led display was located on the top of the pillar. It was made of two pieces of led displays which can displayed double sided. Right under the display is the brand logos. With the fantastic shapes and HD image, it becomes a successful media for brand advertising.

Project Highlights

This project adopts GTEK’S traditional P series. The protection level is IP65 to be applicable to any rainy weather outdoor. The automatic brightness adjustment function ensures the comfort level of eyes when watching and is energy saving.

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