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Full Color Oudoor Screen in France




  • Name: Full Color Oudoor Screen in France

  • Location: France

  • Model: H Series, H25DC

  • Area: 50 m²

  • Time: Jan, 2015

Project Details

Bri-Curtain series H display has perfectly shown in this project, whose area is up to more than 50 square meter. It is used to broadcast advertisement with HD picture and high brightness displaying and stable performance, thus, Bri-Curtain not only obtained good reputation from clients, also became a splendid landscape in France.

Project highlights


  1.  Bri-curtain adopts strips design structure with high transparency, thus decreasing its windage and increasing its capacity of dissipation (no need extra dissipation equipment)
  2.  Compared with standard cabinet-based display, Bri-Curtain is 60% lower in energy consumption and 65% lighter in weight. What's more,there is no need to use steel structure, and it is a greatly convenient to installation and transportation and cost down.
  3.  Bri-Curtain protective grade reaches up to IP 65, and it is applicable to any adverse weather, even in heavy rainy day, it can be workable.






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