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Indoor full color LED screen in Lincoln Plaza, San José, Costa Rica

Lincoln Plaza, Costa Rica, Central America



  • Name: Indoor full color LED screen in Lincoln Plaza, San José, Costa Rica

  • Location: Costa Rica, Central America

  • Model: P Series, P06TC

  • Area: 36 m²

  • Time: Aug, 2012

Project Background

Lincoln Plaza is a shopping mall located in Moravia, designed with ultramodern architecture according to the standards of developed markets in the commercial sector excellent infrastructure and road accessibility. Lincoln Plaza offers many commercial platforms and oppertunities, more than 170 commercial premises, of financial services and shops of the most recognized brands, national and international entertainment, besides, there are some nice restaurants with large terraces can provide unique culinary experience, 3 storeys parking lots are available in the Plaza also.

You know, Our Gtek tailored HD LED display P6TC is right in the Plaza, which was constructed by AV Gurus at the third floor of this Plaza, 2012. One of the largest indoor LED display have ever installed in a mall of Costa Rica.

Project Highlights

  1. The screen was offered with high performance, energy saving, stability and image sharpness as the project required.
  2. The screen configuration was designed based on an indoor environment but conscious of the changes of day light due to the glass roof above it, so it was required a screen supports such changes and can display a clear, vivid and bright image.
  3.  It displays commercial marketing clips all day long for visitors shopping and entertainment.

Project Tracking

This LED screen was co-operated with AV Gurus using G-tek energy saving solution, and put into use since 2012 with all-day long playing, till now its image still keep clear, sharp and high brightness, and reach zero maintenance.



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