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The largest transparent outdoor led display in Moscow

Moscow, Russia



  • Name: The largest transparent outdoor led display in Moscow

  • Location: Moscow, Russia

  • Model: H Series, H16DC

  • Area: 900 m²

  • Time: Dec, 2014

The 900㎡ transparent outdoor display in Moscow adopts GTEK's bright curtain-H series, which is the very model with high technology and typical features. This project successfully turns into the most representative LED display miracle there and becomes the largest mesh curtain in Moscow.


Project Highlights

  1.  H series is transparent, light and energy saving. The energy-saving rate can reach up to 60% or more, compared with the conventional cabinet-based LED display, saving your operating costs.
  2.  Its weight is 65% lighter than conventional cabinet-based LED display, greatly reducing both the load-bearing requirements of the steelwork as well as the cost of auxiliary steelwork.
  3.  H series bri-curtain can operates well in cold weather even under -20℃. The high transparency and IP66 protection level make it the most appropriate product for outdoor use in windy and rainy weather.    


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