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Largest Outdoor LED Display in France

Paris, France



  • Name: Largest Outdoor LED Display in France

  • Location: Paris, France

  • Model: H Series, H25DC

  • Area: 820 m²

  • Time: Nov, 2016

Project Descriptions:

The 820 m2 of 25mm highly transparent LED Display, employing GTEK H Series 25mm Curtain Display, is successfully installed in Seguin music city, Paris. It is the biggest LED curtain display there till now following the biggest&highest LED letter & LOGO Display comprised of gtek Minidule panels in Paris.




Project Background

1. The project is located in western Seguin Estuary and add radiance and beauty to left bank Modong Hill, is a very featured place, a mini new Town-in-Town.

2. Seguin music city, has a boat-shaped architectural appearance, just like Eiffel Tower, is a unique facility in Europe, with a variety of urban functions.

Project Influence

Seguin music city is a palace of Europe musical art, Gteck near thousand square meters LED Bri-curtain(LED curtain display, LED light bar display) brought perfect fusion of musical art and modern technology in Paris, a city perfectly integrated cultural art with fashion.




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