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Thousand Square Meters LED Display in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Software Park, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China



  • Name: Thousand Square Meters LED Display in Xinjiang Software Park

  • Location: Urumqi,Xinjiang

  • Model: H Series, H25DC

  • Area: 2344 m²

  • Time: Aug, 2015

Project Background

Xinjiang Software Park is located on economic belt of One Belt and One Road project, relying on government supports and local advantages, the new software will be gathered local enterprises in Xinjiang, undertaken important functions platform of related industrial gradient transfer in the eastern region and will become strategic carrier in the development of emerging industries in Xinjiang. Gtek made a cooperation with the new software this time, which fully implement the principles of co-discussion, share and co-construction and use best products and the best solution for Xinjiang software Park to create a magnificent wonder.


Project Details

This project is adopted Gtek creative product – Bri-Curtain H25. It is the world's largest LED curved screen and the most eye-catching project. Bri-curtain H25 is applied for this project perfectly with its perimeter 146.5 meters and width 8 meters. So the amazing giant curved LED display covers 2344sqm in total area. This curved LED display will bring a vast business opportunity.



Tailor-made Project

 In this project, the display is designed into arc, which is consistent with the building style on the basis of customers’ requirements. Furthermore, with the features of H series Bri-Curtain: lightness, thinness, transparency, which is better to save energy and reduce materials and cost down. Gtek this move can bring more benefit for our customers.




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