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Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Iron Man(HG10TC), 91.24㎡.


The concept of Digital Transformation is the expression of space revolution nowadays. New disruptive technologies come to turn obsolete old technologies and upgrade the living social in collective spaces. Such concept applied with advertisement had seen the expanse of transformational technologies such as LED Display as Media Facades. 


Aiming to deliver better buildings and environment, it helps to promote stronger communities and a sustainable environment. Now the colorful and dynamic LED Displays presents a remarkable example of how an architectural icon has shifted towards a tech-scenographic landmark.


One could say that LED media facades offer the ultimate in public visual presentations that amplify the visual impact of architecture and grab effective attention from the audience – captivating the mind, rewarding the eye, enhancing the atmosphere, and evoking powerful emotions.




As many of these digital transformations are happening in big centers, they would give to the visitors a playful impression of that urban area, but to the local citizens the transformation suggests grandiosity. Tokyo is a major city that becomes an icon and testament to the success of well-placed and interactive media facade advertising. 


Aoto Gtek has recently contributed for such Digital Transformation in the biggest urban-city in the world. After being selected to provide the LED Display, the iconic ‘GOSARO’ LED Display has been installed in the Shibuya district, famous for its crowded intersection under dazzling digital billboards.




The solution used for this project is Aoto’s Gtek light-weight Bri-Curtain series. The 8.64m (w) x 10.56m (h) installation covers an area of 91.24sqm. The Full Color 10mm pixel pitch LED Display designed with 6000nits and aluminum material. Its IP66 protection level guarantees a high protective capacity for long time use in outdoor environments.




It works from early morning until the middle of the night and does not require auxiliary ventilation due to its own heat dissipation feature – all this just weighing 18kg/sqm – generating very little compromise for the original building structure. The solution counts with full front maintenance.

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