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Jason Aldean's "Six String Circus" Tour

250 Tiles of LED Rental Screen Application, Toyota Amphitheatre in Wheatland, CA, the USA


  • Project Name: Jason Aldean's "Six String Circus" Tour

  • Project Location: Toyota Amphitheatre in Wheatland, CA, the USA

  • Product Model: InnoPix II

  • Tiles: 250

  • Complete Time: 2016




Jason Aldine Williams, known professionally as Jason Aldean, the American country music singer nearly every year has supplied a theme tour to the fans, especially the American fans since 2008, such as CMT ON TOUR: Relentless (2008), Wide Open Tour(2010), My Kinda Party Tour (2011-2012), Night Train Tour (2013-2015), We Were Here Tour (2015), Six String Circus Tour (2016). In 2016, as the creative director who has been working with Jason Aldine for three years-- Raj Kapoor once said:" Jason Aldean’s fans are really engaged, so the challenge was pushing the limits of being modern and big in a way that matches the high-energy of those fans... Yet we wanted to continue the edgy, rock-meets-country designs we’ve been doing for him that push the limits. "





The Concert, especially with thousands of audience full of passion there, is in need of something that really matches the high-energy of those fans and pushes the high to the summit for the atmosphere. There was no doubt that Gtek deeply understood the pain point to bring InnoPixII--the outdoor rental display to make it completed. The silenced LED display can be quickly assembled seamlessly and concave/convex as per the design to showcase the shape the director needed. Brought the vision for this tour and "Everything was to work in conjunction with each other so that the audience wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t."




For a huge outdoor performance, it is indeed requesting a huge display. Jason Aldean's "Six String Circus" Tour requested 250 tiles of LED display to show a wonderful and interactive video feast. InnoPixII as a kind of outstanding outdoor LED displays can let the engineers assemble the tiles by 100 tiles/per hour and be able to achieve tool-free assembling. And there is no need to worry about the effects of the rain, the water, the dust and the collision caused by manual operation because of that InnoPix II`s IP can reach IP65/54 (Front/Rear).


Show Day


"The show is amazing. Everyone on the tour is great. Fan can expect great energy, great songs and a kick ass time! "Michael Hobby (a member of the brand "A Thousand Horses") said. For Jason, a show is a party. A chance to party with fans, and whether it’s high-octane rock guitars, songs you know and love, or just Jason in that hat and those jeans that gets your motor running, when you go to one of his shows, you’re can best believe you’re gonna get all three. And also Gtek ignited the sparking of passion in Jason Aldean's "Six String Circus" Tour in 2016 and is showing the best visual experience as always.





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