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The Indoor Full Color LED Display in Turkey Mall

Turkey Mall, Istanbul, Turkey


  • Name:The Indoor Full Color LED Display in Turkey Mall

  • Location:Istanbul,Turkey

  • Model:S Series, S Series,S10TC

  • Area:55 m²

  • Time:Apr, 2012


  Gtek outdoor display S10TC got beyond the traditional LED display manufacturing concept. Combined with flexibility in design ideas and backed with modular design, it can be flexibly bended in an s-shape in high IP grade (IP65 or more).

  Features of S10TC:

  1. Modular design. The LED module can be individually dismantled, which makes it convenient and fast to install and save time and labor to maintain.

  2. Innovative flexibility. With the patent technology (ZL200720196328.0), it can be flexibly bended in an s-shape (the minimum curving radius is 0.5m) and is applicable to various installation environments like flat surface, curved surface, etc.

  3. High IP grade. The protection level can reach up to IP65, and the product is applicable to any rainy weather, thus can be used in outdoor environments.

  4. Creative curvy radian adjustment function: fix the curvy radian easily and quickly.

  5. Flexible driving plate is at lamp plate level. Even in curving status, the accuracy of pixel pitch is within quality standard range.

  6. To replace 'high light lamp + 4 scan' with 'medium light lamp + 2 scan'. Great reduction in operating costs and the luminosity is more than 5000.


S Series Application Environment: Studios, exhibitions, stages, rental market, outdoor advertising, building lighting and so on.



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