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10th Anniversary Event of Middle East Chandrika




  • Name:10th Anniversary Event of Middle East Chandrika

  • Location:Dubai

  • Model:S Series

  • Time:Feb, 2015

Project Details

GTEK has the most excellent solution and the most flexible and convenient rental display for stage application. In the 10th Anniversary Event of Middle East Chandrika, GTEK’s S07 showed its unique features of high definition and creative curvy shape, catering to the sailing boat stage and radiant lighting effect, successfully building a fantastic stage.

Project Highlights

  1. The whole screen adopts hanging installation way. It only took a few hours for technicians to get the screen assembled and lighted during the show. 
  2. For assembling method, we adopt our patent technology ( patent no. ZL200810241324.9), fast assemble and dismantle, no aperature between each module when in curving status and excellent performance. 
  3. In the process of installation and maintenance, the LED module can be individually dismantled, which makes it convenient and fast to install and save time and labor to maintain.



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