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Gtek 'Transformer' Debut at Dragon Boat Festival Vancouver

Dragon Boat Festival Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada


  • Name:Gtek 'Transformer' Debut at Dragon Boat Festival Vancouver

  • Location:Vancouver, Canada

  • Model:S Series, S05TC

  • Area:50 m²

  • Time:Jul, 2015


Project Details

The opening ceremony begins in a square with a temporary stage in the form of concert. The whole stage is composed of 5 pcs of InnoPix S05 in its flat mode, two in front of the stage as a main screen and another three behind the stage as a backdrop, which makes the whole stages appear to be well-arranged. In addition, all screens are all hanged on trussing. It only takes a few hours to light up screens and the super high efficiency obtains the unanimous recognition.


Project Highlights


  1. 2-1 function design (flat or curved at all your choice), thus it is applicable to any various installation environment.
  2. Novel 13 gear pre-lock mechanism gear, thus a radian can be adjustable individually.
  3. Seamless assembly among panels, unchanged pixels in curvy mode, thus presenting a smooth and vivid visual effect
  4. IP65 grade and applicable to rainy weather, thus can be used in outdoor environments.




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