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Aoto Gtek Starts a Huge Project of Bri-Curtain Located in Zunyi!


Aoto Gtek successfully won the bidding worth more than 80 million RMB for a creative LED screen project covering an area of 8,300 m2 of Zunyi High Speed Rail New Town, China, on Oct. 27th, 2017.



The huge project takes place at Aegean Shopping Park (120,000 m2) in Zunyi New Town, a modern city complex, located in Zunyi High Speed Rail Station commercial, and is planned to be completed in 2018. Custom street, landmarks, international shopping center, star hotels and many other formats compose the business district, which would fully stimulate high-end consumer demands and enhance the commercial quality of the city.



The world-class fancy structured Bri-Curtain (8,300 m2) becomes a “light and shadow ribbon” linking the two shopping malls and perfectly caters to local conditions. The curtain enjoys advantage of highly customized unique design, high protection level IP66, being 65% lighter than conventional cabinet-based LED displays and better energy-saving features which make it more outstanding.


The Bri-Curtain (H16) would be greatly attractive to the crowds thanks to the continuous broadcasting of vibrant and moving videos which showcase the beauty of LED technology and architecture fusion. The light, shade and music would fully involve consumers in freely immersive shopping experience.  



The giant curtain at shopping park currently accords with the requirements of the top international standards in aspects of scale & area, creative design & construction, performance control, large screen interaction and so on. It would be the world's largest multi-surfaced LED curtain in the world with a profound impact on creative LED display industry owing to Gtek’s advanced modeling process, unique creative programs, efficient energy-saving management and so on which help transform possibilities into reality. Gtek sets up a unique and efficient product system to explore the international market, provides high-quality products and services to meet customers' changing requirements and is trying its best to build a world-leading and reliable brand.

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