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A Gorgeous Jade Belt Decorates Hengdian Sky Street Stunningly


Hengdian Sky Street which belongs to Gushi, Xinyang (Northen China), can be the only commercial street with the giant and colorful ceilling curtain view in Xinyang, showing the brand-new city image—a cultural business center to the public. At weekends, Gushi folks now have one more choice of having fun in Hengdian street. It includes the biggest cinema of Xinyang with giant screens covering an area of 3200 m2, a large shopping mall with an area of 6000 m2 meet your various needs. On the second floor, 3000  m2 town for kids seems so considerate for children at age 3-16 to enjoy their spare time of studying and all kinds of pleasure-seeking.



Walking into the Hengdian Sky Street with a length of 180 meters and a width of 9-15 meters, a unique belt on top of your head with a shiny diamond would firstly catch your eyes. It would quickly remind local people of a famous mixed-blooded hero in Qing dynasty called Zheng Chenggong whose original hometown is also Gushi. You would feel as if the graceful jade belt around Zheng's waist was just flowing in your sight.



The ceiling curtain from Gtek embraces the superb 23kg/ m2 lightweight and 21 % transparent structure, minimizing the negative burden on the construction and promising the residents natural lighting and viewing. Two kinds of lightweight pixel pitch modules makes up the dynamic multi-curved face ceiling curtain—the smaller kind in the center is to display the HD visual effects and the other is for adding atmosphere to make the central light stand out. What's more, no worry about the long-term use of the LED curtain outside. It enjoys high IP66 protection level to face rough weather and seems not fragile though it looks like a tender beauty.

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